31st  All India Schools National Talent Search Contest : 2010-2011

9th November, 2010

Dear Parents!                                                                                                          

Central Institute of General Knowledge Learning (CIGKL), Delhi proposes to conduct 31st  All India School National Talent Search Contest: 2010-11 in three subjects GK, Maths and Science.  The exam is open for interested students of DPS-MIS for standard 1st to 12th. The student may opt for anyone, any two or all the three subjects also.  Exam will be conducted on three different days during school hours in DPS-MIS.

CIGKL is known for its devotion in creating interest among students in GK, Maths and Science.  You can also also visit www.cigkl.net.

For exam there are no rigid syllabus topics as it is a competitive exam and its purpose is to give young students an exposure to competitive world right at their root level.  Still in general the syllabus topics include all that students have done till their current standard and even some more of the higher levels.  On receipt from CIGKL, students who will be taking part, will be given a sample question paper and study material for the same.

Our school does not conduct any special coaching classes for the same, so students are required to prepare for the same themselves.  Although our school teachers can always help for clarification of doubts while students prepare for the same.

The exams will be conducted during the school hours in DPS Modern Indian School  as per the following date sheet. 


26th January 2011 (Tuesday) GK

27th January 2011 (Wednesday) Maths

28th January 2011 (Thursday) Science

If interested the participation fee is Qr. 25/- per student per subject (include the cost of the study material) which must be deposited with the class teacher by 14th   November 2010 (Sunday).

Please send the following acknowledgement to class teacher on or before 14th   November 2010 (Sunday).

It is advisable to keep a hard copy printout of this circular for future reference.  Incase if you do not have a computer printer then following acknowledge can be sent hand written also.




Dowload Acknowledgement Slip