DPS-MIS Organized an Inspirational Session for its Students to Reinforce Core Human Values 2018-19

On 21st October 2018, DPS-MIS welcomed a true Humanitarian and motivational speaker Mr.Jordan Hatter,for an informative and value-instilling session for the students concerning the growing need to develop empathy with a right attitude and make a positive difference in the lives of destitute people.The occasion was graced by Professor Khalid Al Jufairi and Mr.Yasir Nainar,Vice President DPS-MIS.Mr.Jordan Hatter,founder of https://helprefugees.org/ and a philanthropist from Central coast California is known all around the world for his help and mass donations,he has made to assist Syrian war effected people.He shed light on the important aspects of the crisis and the aid provided to the asylum seekers through his talk on ‘The Voices of Syria’.He shared his memories and experiences,and it is needless to say that his role in providing relief to the asylum seekers is extremely commendable and inspirational.The students were completely enraptured by the success of the Caravan Delivery project initiated for providing better housing facilities to the refugees.

In his enlightening address,Mr. Hatter explained the students how move from sympathy to empathy and follow one’s passion when taking an action with a firm belief in the basic human quality,i.e. Humanity.“You do not require specific skills to make a change in the world,you just need the heart” was quoted by Mr.Hatter as one of his closest companion Dong Jongkuch’s views.The interactive workshop concluded with a questionnaire session and the resource person answered all the queries of the students satisfactorily.“We have to love the beauty more than we hate the evil,” said Mr. Hattar,as he wrapped up his speech.Principal,Ms.Asna Nafees, thanked the guest speaker Mr.Jordan Hatter for his inspirational words and exhorted the students to be the change,they want to see in the world.