DPS-Modern Indian School hosted the second edition of TEDxYouth @DPSMIS continuing the tradition of TEDx that its students pioneered 2015. Conceptualized and delivered entirely by students, DPS-MIS was one of the few schools to host such an event advocating ideas that provoked thought in the youth.

The event was initiated with an open call for speakers.  Apart from selecting speakers through the open call, student curators interviewed potential speakers to develop their ideas and talks.
The event featured Dennise ANN, a 14 year old student who presented her idea “The Theory of Numeric worth” and encouraged the youth audience to look beyond numbers to define themselves.  The second speaker was Mr. Hamad Al Amari, a standup comedian and entrepreneur whose talk titled “Talking is Easy” advocated the benefits of an open conversation and highlighted the importance of asking questions and setting goals.

Layla Al Siyabi, Fashion blogger and empowerment advocate was the third speaker. Sharing her journey of being an unconventional woman promoting an unconventional idea of going beyond beauty, she truly inspired the young audience.

The Penultimate speaker Mr. Lubaib Gaizir a famous photographer and avid traveler, shared his passion and lessons from travelling over forty countries and cycling from London to Scotland in a short span of 12 days.

Last but definitely not the least.  Dr.  Mohamud A Verjee of Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar graced the vent with his ideas on integrative medicine and insights from field of medicine on living a more meaningful life.

The event with the full house of audience from Indian and International schools alike was very successful in having created the right thoughts amongst the youth.

The Management and Principal congratulated the student executive team and group of volunteers for their efforts and dedication.