Third Edition of TEDxYouth @DPSMIS enthralls audience at DPS-Modern Indian School - 2017-18
The third edition of TEDxYouth@DPSMIS was held on 2nd November 2017. It was attended by students from 17 schools and 3 universities from all over Qatar. This year's theme was 'Breaking through inhibitions' and the event had 5 speakers. Conceptualized and delivered entirely by the students, the event advocated ideas that provoked thought in the youth. The event was initiated with an open call for speakers. Apart from selecting speakers through the open call, student curators interviewed potential speakers to develop their ideas and talks.
The first speaker was Mr. Khalifa Al Haroon aka Mr.Q, founder of
He spoke about how he used social media to achieve his dream. His entertaining and informative speech not only detailed his business-cum-charity, but also motivated the audience to implement their ideas and work towards their dreams.
The second speaker was Ms. Maleeha Fatima, a young lady with an indomitable spirit. With the help of a rhyming speech pattern, she described her path to founding 'Avahan', a charity to provide awareness on sanitation to children in India. She stressed that most people’s inhibitions arose from their need for approval.
The third speaker Mr. Salman Nasser Al Khanji of Qatar Golf Association, redefined adventure when he disclosed thrilling stories from his experiences, thus encouraging the youth to conquer both physical and mental challenges.
The penultimate speaker, Mr. Arvind Rampal, Managing Director of Qatar Skills Academy, shared anecdotes about the Law of Attraction which advocates for 'living in the power of a goal fulfilled'. His speech left the audience believing in the influential power of their thoughts.
Last but not the least, Dr. Said Ismail, Programme Manager of Qatar Genome Programme, opened the eyes of the audience through his talk which emphasized on how QGP is paving way for precision medicine.
The event was a great success that left the audience with helpful advice, interesting information and renewed motivation. The Management and Principal congratulated the student executive team and group of volunteers for their efforts and dedication.