Fourth Edition of TEDxYouth@DPSMIS Captivates the Youth of Qatar - 2018-19
The fourth edition of TEDxYouth@DPSMIS, a student led initiative was held on 13th November 2018 and was attended by over a 100 participants from within the community of Qatar. The fourth edition was hosted under the theme of 'Decoding Deceptions' and aimed to spread the message of critical thinking and to differentiate face from fiction. The event was conceptualized and executed by a team of 13 grade XII students along with the assistance of 17 volunteers. The event hosted a panel of 5 interdisciplinary speakers ranging from humanitarians to journalists.
The first speaker was Shefa Ali, a life coach and humanitarian. Ali spoke about getting the youth involved in volunteering and about her experiences climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and her various charity initiatives across the United Kingdom.
The second speaker was Azza Salah, an entrepreneur and Founder of SkyClimbers, the first talent development company that caters to the youth of Qatar. Azza enthralled the audience with her talk of key business principles and her refreshingly honest on her journey as an entrepreneur.
The third speaker was Stefan Lindberg-Jones, Founder and CEO of Ginger Camel, one of the top media and production companies in Qatar and the host of the ‘Your Onion’ podcast, Qatar’s foremost business podcast. Stefan spoke about his unconventional path climbing the ladder of success in business while navigating uncharted waters.
The fourth speaker was Khansa Maria, a visually challenged disability rights activist, who is the founder of Hope for Tomorrow, an organization that aims to combat the stigmas surrounding disabilities. Khansa questioned the usual perceptions of disability through her talk and called for a more sensitive and respectful perception of the disabled.
The final speaker for the evening was Dima Khatib, Managing Director of AJ+ and one of the few female executives in the Arab media sphere. Dima spoke about how we either abort or give rise to our dreams with the help of an illustrator.
The audience was left amazed by the inspirational and inventive talks of the speakers. The Management and the Principal Ms. Asna Nafees congratulated the Executive Team and the volunteers on their commitment and dedication towards the planning and execution of the event.