DPS-MIS Students Conclude the Fifth Edition of TEDx Youth@DPSMIS - 2019
TEDxYouth@DPSMIS continued to be the longest running youth event in Qatar after its fifth edition was held on 7th November, 2019. The event was held at the DPS Auditorium, with several esteemed guests and nearly a hundred participants attending the event.
The four prolific speakers used the dais to reach out to the most thoughtful members of the younger generation. Shahnawaz Zali, an Oscar nominee, spoke about the power of the medium of film to address social issues. Ahmed Mohamed detailed his experience as a victim of racism and how he grew from it. Sanah Thakur talked about the fearlessly realising one's ambitions, while Balakarthiga Muruganantham showed the entire process of a book's journey from a mind to the shelves.
The event remains one of the crucial platforms for inspiration and discussion; participants were granted the opportunity to interact with all the speakers and dive into their ideas in greater depth and clarity.